What to Expect

A typical evaluation for adults takes 1-2 sessions with each session usually lasting approximately 45 minutes.  Usual evaluations for children and adolescents are 2-3 sessions of 45 minute duration each.  I want to give you time to share your concerns and also have time to cover the extensive amount of personal, family, social, medical, and developmental history that is necessary.

It is always helpful to have interested family members or others, as appropriate, involved in the evaluation process.  Gathering information from various sources helps me to be more assured of a complete and accurate assessment.

In some cases, such as with children, it is crucial to have a parent involved throughout the process and even in some cases with adults I will need to have a family member involved.  On rare occasions, if I am not comfortable with the completeness of the information I receive from a patient, I may require some contact with a family member or I will not be able to proceed with the evaluation or treatment.

In situations where a family member is involved, I will always spend some confidential and individual time with my patient at some point during the evaluation.  Almost always everyone feels comfortable with this, though on rare occasions a child or adolescent may have concerns about separating from a parent or family member.  If that is the case, I will respect those wishes and not force the issue.


I was previously contracted with a few insurance plans for several years. Many years ago I changed to a private pay model. I made this decision because of what I felt were excessive paperwork requirements and restricted reimbursement rates mandated by the insurance companies.

I will give a receipt that contains the essential information required by insurance companies in order for you to submit this receipt for potential reimbursement. Some companies will reimburse all or partial amounts of the cost of the office visit. Some will not reimburse any amount paid as they want you to see a contracted psychiatrist on their panel of providers.

Office Policies

Payments are due on the day of service. There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks. Office visits are preferably face to face though I do telehealth appointments as well. I will try to do any paperwork you need involving your care during our appointment. The time spent outside of sessions, such as completing disability reports and other work or school-related reports, reviewing of records, medication prior-authorizations forms, and some more lengthy telephone calls will be billed to you.


1st Evaluation visit – 45 min. – $310
Follow-up visits:

60 min. – $380
45 min. – $285
30 min. – $190
15 min. – $100

  • All payments are due at time of service.
  • Payments can be made by cash, check, credit card and Zelle.
  • A 3.2% fee will be added for credit card payment.

I have a 48 hour notification cancellation policy or I will charge the fee corresponding to the time allotted for the appointment. I do not charge for brief phone calls, but typically any calls approximately 5-10 minutes in duration and longer, I will charge according to the times and fees listed for a regular visit.