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Adult ADHD Treatment

It is perfectly normal to feel hassled and under pressure on some days. It is also normal to feel disorganized, absentminded and preoccupied as a result, but when you are constantly forgetful or inattentive, or experience impulsiveness and hyperactivity to the point that you become ineffective and unproductive in your work, school and personal relationships, then you might be struggling with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

Adult ADHD affects millions of Americans. The symptoms begin in childhood, and often continue on to adulthood. Some adults have moderate symptoms of ADHD and are able to function in life normally. Others with severe ADHD have difficulty performing some of the basic tasks of daily life as they struggle with problems such as persistent tardiness, forgetfulness, disorganization, chronic procrastination, and low self-esteem. ADHD can cause poor academic and work performance, difficulty holding on to long-term careers, impairment in relationships, impulsivity and irresponsibility. ADHD can exacerbate mood swings, eating problems, substance abuse, addictions, anger control problems, depression, and anxiety.

There are many self-help strategies recommended for adult ADHD treatment to improve daily functioning. Creating new lifestyle habits and healthier routines, such as, eating well, getting enough sleep, regular exercise, creating lists, color-coding, improving communication, cultivating relationships and positive thinking among others, may be enough to help stay on schedule, manage stress and increase mood levels.

When self-help efforts do not work, adult ADHD treatment may be followed up by a combination of medication, cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavioral coaching, education and family and relationship therapy. Thorough evaluation is critical in planning the right adult ADHD treatment as the disorder is sometimes connected with other conditions such as a learning disability, an anxiety and mood disorder or substance use disorder. With the right treatment plan, significant improvement can be made to help you manage your symptoms, find your personal strengths and attain a successful and fulfilling life.